Brandon Weber

Hi, everyone - I’m Brandon Weber, and I play guitar, banjo, and keyboard for The Ethan Bell Band. I’m originally from Chicago, but I’ve been in and around the Northern Illinois area all my life. I’ve had a lifelong love of music; both of my parents were music teachers. My mom still is an elementary music teacher, and she’s a singer and flute player. My dad played with the Rockford Symphony, and he was also a drummer and played jazz. Music was always a big part of the house. There was always something playing, and we frequently went to concerts as a family. My mom had my three siblings and me take piano lessons as kids, but music wasn't what I always thought I would end up doing. I thought about working with computers, but I ended up combining my love for music and computers for a living. I met Ethan through a mutual friend that had an open mic - we crossed paths a couple times. After he heard me play guitar there, he had me come out to jam with the band at Casa Santiago. When I’m not with the band, I cook, read anything and everything, gig, do recordings and spend my time with my family.


Brandon’s Two Cents for the Budding Musician


Honestly, if I could give advice to younger self, I would say this: If this is what you love, just do it and you’ll find a way. If you're ready to almost ruin music for yourself from completely immersing yourself, then that's what you want to do. if you love it enough to risk it consuming you, then that's what you need to do. Rainer Maria Rilke said in his book Letters To A Young Poet if you wake up in the morning and the first thing you think of is writing, then you should be a writer - I can't tell you how to be a writer. The same goes for music. Just do it, and you'll find a way; if it's your first priority and all you think about, they you should do it. Everything else will fall into place.